Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I just finished work on a two-page manga story for the corporate magazine of Bystronic, a laser precision equipment company. This is the forth story I created for them and the first story was even up for a Marketing Award in Switzerland.

The big challenge with those jobs is to explain a very complex and abstract subject matter in simple visual terms. More than not it is a matter of finding the right set up and facial expressions to bring an idea across. Since Bystronic People is published internationally in German, English and Chinese, it's important to choose an art style that can be appreciated by the employees in many countries. A subtle but adult manga style turned out to be a good choice.

Here is a look at the sketch phase of the new manga. This was handed to the client for input.

Note how after a review by Bystronic, the text and visuals have been altered for the final version.

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