Thursday, August 21, 2014


It's summer time and the Hollywood popcorn movies are flooding the local theaters. Since the success of superhero movies at the box office there has also been a reawakened interest on the job front for me. Never have I been approached this many times in one year for superhero jobs. The one movie that seemed to have turned the tide in favor of superhero mainstream acceptance was "The Avengers".

Since then the amount of inquiries are just flooding in. This week I finished a one page superhero assignment for a client in Zurich. Just one page but to be displayed in A2, so fairly large. In order to retain a decent amount of details I also had to work in A2. Because from a logistical standpoint the sheet of paper would be too big, I drew the page on 2 A3 boards and pasted them together in the computer. Client was happy with the result which makes me happy in return :)

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